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Hello! My name is Emily Lupita. Im an American Latina artist & writer + Mama, now living in my husbands hometown of Ankara, Turkiye. In this weekly newsletter, I share my creative journey - paintings & stories - along with watercolor filtered photographs from my travels.

My work is inspired by my Mexican-American + Welsh heritage; childhood in rural Iowa; a career in international education; and my current daily life with my two young sons, both diagnosed with nonverbal Autism + other exceptional needs.

The newsletter also includes three new creative projects Im developing that you can see take shape in real time: Creative Self-Care and Postcard Memoir and Artwork Journey.


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~Emily Lupita

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Emily Lupita
Emily Lupita is an American Latina artist & writer with an MFA from Iowa State University. She writes about her creative journey while raising her two nonverbal Autistic sons in Ankara, Turkiye.